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The following Conditions, found on the back of each ticket, or online for web sales, form an integral part of the sale.  All sales are final unless the show is cancelled, and in the event of such, the procedures stated must be followed.

This Ticket is sold to You subject to these Conditions, local laws in force at the time, and any other conditions or policies of the Management or Promoter as may be posted at the event / attraction, including but not limited to any standard policies, terms, conditions, or other then in effect. Purchase / holding / use hereof constitutes acceptance of all such conditions by You ("You") and any holder hereof, including legal guardians or assigns (with You, "Holder"). No act / failure to act / enforce will be a waiver of any term. You can contact Customer Service on info@tixpoint.com.

1. The "Promoter" is the legal person responsible for the event / attraction. The "Seller" is the legal person fiscally responsible for the event / attraction and whose VAT number appears on the front of this Ticket. Often, Promoter and Seller can be the same. The "Management" is the legal person who owns the venue / property. The "Agent" is the legal person who sold You this Ticket, including but not limited to TixPointtm (Pointsys Ltd) and its authorised sales agents or websites, including employees, parent / subsidiary companies of such.

2. This Ticket is sold to You by the Seller, without warranty express or implied, under Maltese / E.U. law. Agent is only an agent for Seller. All legal obligations due Holder are owed by Promoter. Holder waives any and all claims against Agent and Seller if distinct from Promoter, including but not limited to refund or chargeback, based on any obligation at law, policy, or otherwise. This sale is of a Ticket only and is absolutely final with no refunds or exchanges from Agent or Seller at any time, or for any reason.

3. This Ticket may not be sold, re-sold, transferred, used for promotions, competitions, or sales packages without the prior written consent of Promoter, Seller, or Agent acting under license. Any Ticket violating this policy may be voided without right or refund.

4. Events may be postponed for up to 12 months from the originally scheduled date. All or part of the programme may be changed without notice. Neither of these will be considered a cancellation. If an event is cancelled, Holder must contact Promoter and follow any procedures announced by Promoter to claim any refund from Promoter of the Ticket price, less Service / Booking / Commission fees which are never refundable.

5. The Management, Promoter, and their agents reserve the right to refuse admission or re-admittance to anyone, and to search any person or personal property at any time. ID may be required for re/admittance or at any time, and must always be carried by Holder.

6. Promoter, Management, Seller, Agent, and TixPointtm, or their owners / parent / subsidiary companies shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage by any cause whatsoever, in or outside the venue / property, or otherwise connected with this Ticket / services provided. Holder waives all claims foreseeable or not.

7. The use of audio, audio-visual, video, or photographic equipment not previously authorised by the Promoter in writing is prohibited and if discovered such equipment is subject to confiscation and forfeit. Holder consents to the use of sound recording, filming, and/or photography authorised by Management or Promoter, which may be freely used for any purpose by them / anyone they authorise.

8. No bottles, cans, containers, or outside food / drink may be brought into the venue / property except water in 500ml plastic bottles (one/person). Emergency water is available at the venue. Merchandise,food, or beverages may only be purchased from authorised stands. No animals are allowed except service animals having prior permission. Fireworks, smoke canisters, flags, banners, poles, seating, umbrellas, laser pens, wallet chains, and any other items considered by security staff to be a potential hazard are prohibited and may be confiscated and forfeit. Any person ‘crowd surfing’, ‘moshing’, engaging in behaviour considered objectionable, or failing to immediately comply with any instruction from security or other persons acting for Management or Promoter may be summarily ejected without right or refund. Disabled parking and ticket holders must have valid authorisations.

9. WARNINGS: Exposure to loud music can injure your hearing. The venue may be cold or hot or claustrophobic. Flashing lights can trigger epileptic seizures. Always wear appropriate clothing.

You can contact Customer Service on info@tixpoint.com. Refer to your ticket for the VAT number applying. All prices are inclusive of any VAT. These Conditions are in English only. If you need trading license or supervisory public authority information for your Seller, kindly contact customer service.

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